Allah’s Names: Al-Mou'iz Al-Mouthil

By Dr. Muhammad Ratib An-Nabulsi

[Honor belongs only to God, All Mighty]

When God originated man, He equipped him with certain laws that govern his life; He, for example, created in him the instinct, or motive, of hunger, which is the cause of his survival, and, to guarantee the survival of the human race, He has provided man with the sex motive, with which Allah has endued both males and females and motivates them to meet together.
However, psychologists confirm the existence of a third motive in man, which is by no means less important than of food and sex; it can be called the motive for “self-importance”, “self-achievement” or “self-confirmation”, which can be classified under what people call “dignity” or “self-esteem”.

Thus, in addition to the major motives in life; man needs to feel important, needs to be admired whether for his body, wealth, family, experience, job, or even, sometimes, his tyranny or ability to do mischief. Man, in this way is pre-disposed to feel proud of himself, to confirm himself, and to make others feel that he is important, excellent, mighty, or even dangerous.

Now, the question is: when God implanted in man the major motives of food, drink and sex for basic survival needs, what is the motive of self-esteem, self-respect, or self-importance for?
The answer is simply: This is a kind of divine help from God to man in order to protect him from deviation or going astray.

Quite often, man feels worried about his good name, his honor, his dignity, his social status, his respect, his reputation, or his prestige… etc. He feels afraid that people may speak badly about him or find out anything disgraceful or humiliating about him. Without such motive of self-esteem, it would be easy for man to commit grievous sins and misdeeds and, hence, to fall into the swamp of vice.

The Honorable

1- Honor belongs only to God, All Mighty; however, it is also one of the qualities of true believers. To this effect, God says:
“They (hypocrites) say, ‘If we return to Medina, indeed the more honorable will expel from it the more dishonorable.’ But honor, power and glory belong to Allah, His Messenger and believers, but hypocrites know not.” (Al-Munafiqun 63; 8)

2- Allah has implanted in man the feeling of self-esteem, or self-respect, in order to help him avoid committing sinful evil deeds, to protect him from falling into vice, to protect him from deviation and to protect him from defamation. Such motive can be given such names as the feeling of “self-importance”, “self-confirmation”, “self-fulfillment”, or “self-respect”. Quite often, you hear people boastfully and proudly say: “I took an unforgettable stance!” “I did such and such great deed!” “I am the very best in my job!” “My work is perfect!” “I am the best!” …etc. In fact, you find none that is not proud of his job, wealth, health, strength, family, status …etc. In this context, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, says: “Prosperous is he who is confined by my Sunnah and is not allured by innovation.”

3- “Al-Mou’iz” (the One Who grants Honor) and “Al-Mouthil” (the One Who abases) are two of God’s names, which also are derived from His divine acts. The two Names are inseparable; that’s why it is not permissible to say that Allah is “Al-Mouthil” (the One Who abases) without saying that He is also “Al-Mou’iz” (the One Who grants Honor). The right thing to say is that God abases in order to honor, humiliate in order to honour. And in knowing God as “Al-Mu’iz, Al-Muthil” (the one who honors and the one who abases), we seek happiness.

4- Allah’s name “Al-Mou’iz” (the one who grants honor) means that He, sent down to His messenger Muhammad His divine book, the Quran, which includes His divine religion of Islam, including His commands, laws, systems, and legislations. Thus, if you stick to His laws and legislations and adhere to His commands, the first fruit you reap is to live among people with honor and respect: no one can ever slander or defame you, no one can ever raise false accusations against you, and no one can ever tell bad lies about you, simply because there is no evidence against you.

God grants you honor and wisdom if you seek honor from Him, put your trust in Him, devote yourself to Him, turn to Him, alone, and associate none with Him in worship.

5- The Names “Al-Mou’iz” and “Al-Mouthil”, some knowledgeable scholars say, are two of Allah’s divine names and also two of His divine attributes that are derived from His divine acts this is because Allah has a self, attributes, and acts. Most religious scholars confirm that “Al-Mou’iz” and “Al-Mouthil” are of His names that are derived from His divine acts and that He honors His slave in both abodes: the present world and the Hereafter.

6- By His divine cosmic command, God grants you honor and wisdom if you seek honor from Him, put your trust in Him, devote yourself to Him, turn to Him, alone, and associate none with Him in worship.

The Honored

1- You are honored as long as you are committed to God’s divine commands; in other words, once you stick to God’s divine command, you acquire such good qualities as being chaste, honest, religious, decent …etc, and attain honor of Allah’s religion. Thus, you are honorable so long as you devotedly and sincerely adhere to God’s commands, you are obedient and dutiful to Him, sincerely stick to His divine religion of Islam and take a religious stance towards all your affairs.
In doing that the whole world could ever slander, accuse or defame you, simply because you stick to God’s commands, which guarantee your good fame, dignity, honor and respect. However, deviation from the right way is conducive to scandal. If anyone knows that you are dishonest, you are humiliated and degraded, if anyone knows that you are not wise enough, you are reproached, if anyone knows that you are dishonest, you are distrusted, and if anyone knows that you are unchaste, you are suspected and censured.

2- Allah “Al-Mou’iz” (the one who grants honor); grants you Honor once you stick to His divine religion and commands. It suffices you to adhere to His religion and commands if you desire to be honorable and if you desire to be happy and prosperous. If you are honorable, you achieve one third of your existence. The first part of man’s existence is food and drink, the second part is marriage and regeneration, and the third part is self-fulfillment, self-confirmation, self-respect, and self-honor.

3- If you are a true believer, you are honorable because you are with the Almighty, because you follow His religion, because you are in need Him, rely on Him and because He will never let you down. Some said: Allah honors his believing slaves by making them contented, because all humiliation is imbeded in greed.

4- Driven by his fake dignity, man may sometimes disobey his Lord Allah, in order to preserve his status or prestige. If you were among profligate irreligious people and desired to show yourself willing to please them by doing the same things that they do in order to preserve your position with them, this may please them and make you agreeable to them, but, by so doing, you will bring yourself a lot of unbearable humiliation and disgrace on the Day of Resurrection.

5- Some knowledgeable scholars said: “Honor of the present world is (attained) by wealth, but honor of the Hereafter is (attained) by (good righteous) status.” In other words, if you have a good status of purity, morality, innocence, chastity, uprightness, piety, righteousness, devotion, sincerity, love for Allah and nearness to Him, you attain honor in the Hereafter. Wealth is honor of this present world and is just as perishable.

This is how man’s relationship with these two names is outlined; that is, if he sticks to Allah’s religion and commands, he is made honorable and wise, because such religion and commands include utmost wisdom and honor.

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