ALLAH'S Beautiful Name: AL-MUBAYYIN - The One Who Makes His Signs Clear

In this way Allah makes His Signs clear to you , so that hopefully you will use your intellect.
( Surat al-Baqara, 2:242)

Given that Allah has explained, through His Messengers and His revelation why we were created, what we have to accomplish, and what we will go through after death, we cannot claim ignorance of these facts. If He had not done so, we would exist in a state of helplessness, feebleness, and fear. But Allah, Who is compassionate and merciful toward His servants, answers all of our questions through His revelations. In this way, He brings people to life. Indeed, the calls, warnings, recommendations, and prohibitions revealed by Him, as well as the issues to which He draws people's attention, are for our salvation and will enable us to give a joyful account in Allah's presence on the Day of Judgment.

Almighty Allah, Who doesn't want any injustice for His servants, gives a detailed account of how they can avoid eternal punishment and all they need to know to serve Him. In addition, He gives them examples of earlier peoples so that they will not repeat their ancestors' mistakes, and tells them about the Prophets so that they can find the right path. Indeed, people could never learn about such events and conversations on their own. For instance, no one witnessed Prophet Musa's (as) conversation with Allah in the valley of Tuwa , and there is no record of it. But Allah lets us know some details of this conversation. Thus, His words to Prophet Musa (as), even though they were spoken before no one else and were uttered centuries ago, are conveyed to everyone word by word.

You were not on the western side when We gave Musa the command. You were not a witness. Yet We produced further generations and ages passed. Nor did you live among the people of Madyan and recite Our Signs to them, yet We have sent you news of them. Nor were you on the side of the Mount when We called, yet it is a mercy from your Lord so that you can warn a people to whom no warner came before, so that hopefully they will pay heed. ( Surat al-Qasas, 28:44-46)

In addition, no other book informs people about the life of the Hereafter. The Qur'an informs us that there is a life after death and that this worldly life is only a preparation for the Hereafter. In the absence of such knowledge, people would have to be content with the information relating to this world and would have no idea about the life after death. These are only a few issues that Allah explains to His servants. Through the Qur'an, our Lord provides people with everything that they need to know. One verse reads:

There is instruction in their stories for people of intelligence. This is not a narration that has been invented, but a confirmation of all that came before, a clarification of everything, a guidance and a mercy for people who believe. (Surah Yusuf, 12:111)

We have no knowledge other than what is revealed to us by our Lord.

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