In The Name of ALLAH, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

ALLAH, The Exalted, The Creator, The LORD of Majesty and Bounty Has Blessed us (the humble ones) with ISLAM, The only Religion which is Pleasing To ALLAH [3:19]. We Follow The Exemplar, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) [33:21] in the foot-steps of his Father Prophet Abraham [3:95; 16:123].

We (the humble ones) in Islamic Terms are Taalib ul-‘Ilm, daa’ie (Students of Islam; Seeker and Sharer of Islamic Knowledge). We neither seek nor do we support FITNA (Dissent) nor do we engage in unnecessary debate and discussions, which may divert us from striving for ALLAH'S Pleasure. We consider it our Duty to Search and Share Scholars' Views about The Guidance from The Quran and The Prophet's (pbuh) Teachings and Practices as per ALLAH'S Command. We believe in the whole of The Quran and in Muhammad (pbuh) as The Seal of The Prophets. We believe, Guidance comes from ALLAH Alone and HE Guides whom HE Wills and HE Denies Guidance, To Whom He Wills.

Team is most humbly, most sincerely and unceasingly Grateful To ALLAH, The Exalted, Who, From HIS Limitless Blessings Has Granted us,, a Sadaqah Jariyah (Continual Charity) Project.

There is no god but ALLAH; Muhammad is Slave and Messenger of ALLAH

In The Name of ALLAH, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful
Our LORD Most Gracious! THINE Alone is all PRAISE and all GLORY
THOU Alone are The HEARER; THOU Alone are The ANSWERER
Our LORD Most Gracious! Please Enrich us with Knowledge and Guidance
Our Lord Most Gracious; Please Inspire us To Strive for THY Pleasure;
Unremittingly, Unceasingly, for Always ......


-- the humble ones --

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